Jamaica, Part 2 of a Few – In Colour

cb_turquoise_orange_web cb_yellow_orange_webmr_dyce_wall_web central_chemicals_webmr_saw_web peanut_shop_webport_antonio_bus_web rust_holes_2_websnapper_parrot_web

The colours of Port Antonio and the surrounding area kill me a little bit. The colour combinations whether accidental or intentional are so striking. And the hand painted signs! So great!

People often talk about how imperfections add charm, and the perfectly imperfect. These fall under that category for sure I think, but sometimes imperfections don’t add to the charm, the imperfections are just imperfect, bleh, and unremarkable. And then there’s also the perfectly perfect, as well as the perfectly boring! How does it happen one way or another?

Maybe it’s like everything else in life, a fine balance between control and no control, caring too much and not caring at all?

Whatever it is, I’m happy to see it.


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