Traveling Light


To me drawstring bags are essential when packing for travel. I love them! I like to keep everything organized in separate bags. One for underwear, socks and bathing suits, one for yoga stuff, another for t-shirts and tank tops, one for sweaters or anything that might snag or get fuzzy, one more for dirty laundry (no dirty stuff floating around mixing with clean stuff!), and an extra one just in case. Oh, and shoes go in one too!

I used to feel like a bit of a weirdo, but recently I’ve met a few other people who also pack this way, and I’m quite sure there are many more of you out there. It’s okay. Come on out and be a proud packing nerd!

Pictured above is one of the new cotton drawstring bags now available in the shop.

Here’s a little video on how to ninja fold your t-shirts. Imagine going into a wash n’ fold laundry place and it was run by ninjas! They would be dressed in all black – balaclavas, tabi boots, and all. Your clothes would be folded up super fast and wrapped nicely in fabric bags. I would never do my own laundry again and that video game music would be the soundtrack to life.


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