It’s Oh So Quiet


For the past week I’ve been hiding out in the country with friends. We did country things like sit around by a fire, eat, drink, snowshoe, ski, have snowball fights, and make mini snowmen to put in the freezer. We also spent a day at the Scandinave Spa at Blue Mountain where you do intervals of sitting in outdoor hot baths, cold baths, sauna, steam room, and resting rooms or outdoor sitting areas around fires. So great! It was a little busier than expected due to university reading week, but still relaxing none the less. Yay for quiet time!

The first photo is my friend Johnny‘s. It looks very Canadian vintage to me. Like something you might see on an old maple syrup can from the late 70’s or 80’s. Except for the person clawing their way up a steep hill wearing new snowshoes.


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