Wrapping It Up





I have a thing for wrapping things up. I just love it. It probably came from watching old kung fu movies with my grandmother when I was a kid. Not those kung fu movies teenaged boys would watch, that were all about fighting, and being absurdly aggressive. These ones had more of a storyline, not that they were any less over the top. What I remember so fondly is a detail so ridiculously small, no one in their right mind would have cared about it. I loved that the characters always wrapped things up in fabric. Things like food, some magic herbal medicine, or some other valuable something or other. Oh, and when someone was running away (someone was always running away or being told to leave, forever!) they would wrap their belongings in a piece of fabric. It was never fancy or precious, just a piece of fabric (made of natural fibre with nice texture usually).

I was also a bit obsessed with the show Top Chef when it first came out. What really stuck with me was when a contestant was sent home. “Please pack your knives and go.” Padma would say, and then there would be a calculated shot of them going back to the kitchen to pack their knives in these really great knife rolls! They would just put all their knives in it, roll it, tie it, and “go”. I wished I had a knife roll. I wished I had really nice knives. I wished I had a reason to have really nice knives. And I wished I had a place to go with my really nice knives so that I too could wrap them up and go . . . somewhere, anywhere. But I didn’t. I didn’t have any of those things. I did have some make-up brushes however, two of which I actually know how to use, and they needed organizing. Yes! So I made my first make-up brush roll. And of course it had to be made of natural materials with nice texture.

The first photo is the Folded Paper Furoshiki cloth by Link Collective.

On the website of Japan’s Ministry of the Environment you can learn how to wrap up all kinds of things!

The other two photos are of the Lemon Make-up Brush Roll available in The Made & Found Shop.



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