Growing Obsession

Years ago I spent some time in Taiwan which is where my plant obsession began. I would go through phases of weekly plant shopping and pick up amazing and strange tropical species. Some grew out of tree bark in odd shapes, some would open and close with sunlight and darkness, others were just the most beautiful colours . . . I love plants!

This past Christmas I received some wall planters by Woolly Pocket, so I’ve been looking around online for some ideas. I’ve always liked the look of live walls and never really thought they were that doable at home, but now with these wall planters my dream of living in a jungle may actually come true this year. To fully complete my dream I would also have to get a Bengal cat. They look like scaled down leopards with the same rosette markings and they love to play in water. To have a couple of those roaming around the plants would be just perfect!

The first photo is from the Woolly Pocket site, and the last two are from Flora Grubb.


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