Dancing Boots

Found these cute little Deckmate deck boots in a thrift store on a recent trip to Prince Edward County. Aren’t they great? Not sure the non-slip soles are still good though. If not, they might be the perfect dancing boot that will offer a great slide. Years ago, I was out one night in Montreal, and saw a guy discreetly sprinkling baby powder on the dance floor around him. He would pull out a tiny bottle of baby powder from the inside pocket of his jacket, sprinkle and dance. Very smooth. Flash forward a few years later, I remembered this little trick and brought a bottle of baby powder to a friend’s party and things quickly got out of hand. Suddenly it  was winter, everything smelled of freshly bathed babies’ bums, and everyone was Fred Astaire. Kind of like that scene in Being John Malkovich when everyone was Malkovich.  I was told it took weeks to get the powder out of the crevices in the hardwood floors . . . so don’t try this at home. Not your own home anyway . . . heh heh. Sorry Laura and Jon, again. But now I’ve got these slippery boots. Who needs baby powder?


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