Custom Fun

the-made-and-found-scissors_web the-made-and-found-custom-measurements_web the-made-and-found-roll-open_webthe-made-and-found-tool-roll-knot_web the-made-and-found-shipping_web

I recently had the chance to work on a custom order for a hairstylist in Maryland. She wanted a tool roll for her combs and scissors based on the make-up brush roll. It was fun to create something with very specific measurements for very specific tools. I’ve always liked the idea of everything having its place.

It felt a little strange to ship it off today. Maybe because it was a custom piece, and I worked so closely with just this one for awhile that I got a bit attached to it? Not sure. It’s on its way to a great new home though, so yay! I’m eagerly awaiting a pic with all the scissors and combs inside.


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