Toronto Young Designers Holiday Sale @ Brassaii

the_made_and_found_toronto_young_designers_brassaiiThanks to everyone who came out to the Toronto Young Designers Holiday Sale at Brassaii this past Saturday! Met a lot of great people, discovered some great new shops, and also picked up a couple of small gifts. Yes, they may have been for myself . . .

Just a quick pic of my set-up, which I was really happy with. I wanted something that was multi-functional that could be used to transport everything I needed, be a versatile display, could be used afterwards, and of course, could be dismantled quickly. Set-up and take-down probably took less than 10 minutes, so this was awesome. All the crates also slide under the rack or sit on the shelf. Maybe this will be the first step to my dream of being super minimal, and having a minimal wardrobe.


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