DIY discretion


So you’re walking down the street carrying a nicely wrapped package, something like the one you see above. Passers-by are possibly thinking “Oh, how nice! That person is bringing their friend a gift, or bringing their sick grandmother something to make her feel better.” Little do they know, you’re going to your friend’s house to get wasted. However, just because you’re going to get trashed doesn’t mean you have to look trashy. Wrap it up nice and keep ’em guessing.

And here’s how. Furoshiki instructions are actually posted on Japan’s Ministry of the Environment website. Isn’t that kind of amazing? This one is called Bin Tsutsumi 2. All you need is a large square piece of fabric, or a square scarf would be nice too. And two big bottles of your favourite something.

My favourite winter beer (Winter Beard) is back, so I’m ready! Let’s do this!


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