A Feeling, A Fine Line, and Not Knowing




While digging around in my closet looking for things to get rid of I found these funny little shoes. They’re shoes from Japan, I bought probably 10 years ago while traveling in Asia. I love them! Yellow gingham, pale denim and tomato red! Subtle, but still fun. Doesn’t sound very subtle, but somehow I find them to be. I have a few things like these shoes that remind me of a feeling I love. That feeling I get when I encounter something that makes me stop and really pause, and wonder whether it’s the most hideous thing I’ve ever seen or the most amazing. It’s not always so dramatic. These shoes I loved right away, but I have a strange brooch I found on Ebay that had me stumped for a week or so. There’s got to be a name for that feeling, that fine line between hideous and amazing, and just not knowing.


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