Going North of the Wall . . .

Winter is most definitely here, but some friends and I have decided to go north of the wall. As if -15ËšC isn’t cold enough, we’ll be heading to Mont Tremblant where it is -30ËšC, not including windchill! Secretly, I don’t think I’m as excited as everyone else is for this death wish ski/snowboard trip. Shhhhh! But I do have a plan B, and it’s called Scandinave Spa. Quoi? Oh yes!

So what do you bring when you go north of the wall? I’m thinking some merino base layers from Icebreaker and definitely this merino balaclava. It will also be the perfect addition to my slowly accumulating ninja wardrobe. Can’t wait to be warm!

Obviously this is not my photo. Source: HBO


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