New Friends

Several days ago I came across some weavings by New Friends via Sight Unseen. They really kind of blew my mind. But since then something happened to their website and it seems to have just disappeared. I’m a little sad because I can’t find any images of my favourite ones. Hopefully they’ll be back up soon, but here’s one I found reposted on the Textile Arts Center site. Beside the weaving is a plant I’ve been obsessed with for the past 2 years. It’s called Purple Heart or Purple Queen. I have them all over my house right now, because I’ve just pulled them in for the winter. I feel like a bit of a crazy plant lady. Kind of like a crazy cat lady, but with plants. They exist. I know they do. And they would have plants hanging from macrame baskets everywhere. I don’t have those yet . . .

Anyway, come on New Friends, get your site back up!


Image via Textile Arts Center


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