Back to Buenos Aires . . .

Buenos Aires building

This is where I had the most consecutive steak dinners, in my life.  After a few nights of eating bife de chorizo (my favourite), morcillo/blood sausage (quite good despite its disturbing name), and ribs, we would decide it was time to take a break and maybe eat a vegetable, that was not a potato.  But when ten o’clock rolled around the next night our thoughts were on where to get the next steak!  Again!  BA beef had taken a grip. Every time the plate was put down in front of us we would ravenously devour the thing before photos ever crossed our minds.  So, no photos of this infamous beef.

In Puerto Madero we saw this giant tall ship, surrounded by shiny new condos. Moving through the city sometimes felt like time traveling.  You can go from having a drink in a San Telmo bar from 1856 to a world of glass condos within a 20 minute walk.

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